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Meet Your Mentor:

Siddhant Goswami



Background : Where I Come From….


Life was pretty good till teenage when I realized we have more things to do than playing outside. Being born in lower middle class family, I had a hard time till early 20s. I wanted to become an Engineer but couldn’t fill admission form of my favorite University because it’s price was $15. Then getting a govt. job became a BIG DREAM for me so as to get job security & good income. At 21, I borrowed $2 from my grandparents and bought a Guide for Bank Exams. Clearing that exam was first step to my financial wellness.


I became Forex Manager at a Private Bank, worked there for few years and left that job to pursue my dream to get a govt. job. In 2014, I cleared one of the toughest exam in India and became Assistant Section Officer. Got my dream job.

I married to a beautiful woman in Brazil. Travelling between Brazil & India became a challenge for me with this limited salary. That time this big dream job looked small to me.

I said to myself, “I don’t want to live like this!”

Then I looked at Trading which I had been treating as part time pocket money making thing. I started taking this profession seriously…


Trading Journey :  

Zero to Hero


In 2014, when I was religiously doing my dream job, my colleague introduced me to stock trading. It was interesting to click buy/sell button randomly and seeing chart going up down, so our money too. It was no less than a gambling addiction.

We lost a big portion of our savings when we put “all eggs in one basket”. Everyone left trading except me. My addiction became my obsession. I started learning more about stock trading from books and web. A few tricks helped me make little money every couple of days which I saw as pocket money.

It was until 2018, when I took trading seriously. Coming into Forex was a challenge for me, old tricks didn’t worked anymore. I also got scammed a couple of times which costed me over $5,000. I decided to educate myself to stand on my own and purchased dozen of Trading books, enrolled into many courses, analyzed charts for countless hours.

It took me a long time to build Professional Trading skill. In this journey, I do lost a lot like majority of people but what separates winners from losers is their perseverence.

Today I’m earning very well from Trading, all the hard work is paying off now. I fulfilled many wishes of my family members and took them out of Middle Class league.

Now I’m a full time trader and I feel like I have a moral duty to serve others who are where I used to be…



Vision :  Leaving an Impact…


I believe every human is born with unique talent. If we share our strengths with others to help them overcome their weaknesses or even help them ease their path then this world will be a wonderful place.

I have spent years in mastering trading and now it’s my moral duty to help others on their path to help them achieve what I have achieved or even more.

Having all these skills, I could have sit back and relax on a beach but doing that won’t bring any change into the world, into the lives of people. My motive is to help people fulfill their dreams, their loved ones dreams.

My vision is to positively impact lives of over 100,000 people by 2025.

If I can do this then I believe anyone can do this too.


Let’s come together

and make this world a better place.

A place full of prosperity.


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