“Nature has given us all the pieces required to achieve exceptional wellness and health,

    but has left it to us to put these pieces together.”

    — Diane McLaren



    KuCoin is a large cryptocurrency exchange offering the ability to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. In addition to basic trading options, the platform offers margin, futures, and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading.

    Users can also choose to stake or lend their crypto to earn rewards.



    SuperForex is a globally operating broker with regulation by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

    Since 2013 we have been offering top-tier services that cover trading and investment on the financial markets for both individual and corporate clients in over 150 countries from all over the world!



    Richard Nasr is a full-time Trader, Coach and Founder of RichTL and theSignalyst.

    He is a TOP author on TradingView platform, featured on Influencive as one of the TOP 10 Forex Mentors in 2021, and on many websites like Yahoo!, Market Watch, and Digital Journal.

    Motto: "All Strategies Are Good ; If Managed Properly"


    Hadi Karaali Is a independent financial, full day & swing trader. 
    He has been trading full time since 2020 and supporting fellow traders in their journey, 4 years of experience in financial markets, as well KuCoin Technical analyst  & 
    owner of Snipers_FX channel

    Motto: "Stay humble


    Forex education for beginners


    When you first stumble upon Forex trading, you might be overwhelmed by all of the different types of charts, indicators, strategies, and even the sheer amount of trading instruments available.

    The Forex world is indeed wide and complicated.

    To help you navigate it better, we offer free Forex education to all of our traders.

    SuperForex has put forward a collection of educational materials that cover all the important trading basics to get you started.

    You can learn to trade at your own pace and go from a newbie to a Forex master in no time thanks to our educational materials.



    If you use the tools mentioned, you have some must have basic tools to develop a solid trading strategy, find trade opportunities, research and analyze, and ultimately turn your efforts into profits.


    Charts Forex & Crypto and more...

    A calculator for  almost everything

    FOMC meeting agenda

    Consumer price index

    Price data analytics

    Price-tracking crypto assets

    Stock market, financial and business news

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    Get to know us


    We started as a GameFi project, with the ambition to build a game with the latest blockchain technology, equipped with key features, well-thought-out tokenomics, sustainable tokens, and NFTs that will fill the void in other GameFi’s currently out in the market.

    As we journeyed along with the development, we saw the gaps within the cryptocurrency industry, and there we made the pledge, and there the question was “why stop at just GameFi?”.
    So, we shaped both our mindsets and business model to begin paving the way for a faster, low-cost, sustainable, and decentralised blockchain platform for new crypto projects to thrive.

    The blockchain community is a growing community with a lot of potential, we believe that there will always be new contributions to the industry.

    Be it, big or small, all contributions are crucial to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, the development of a sustainable and decentralised future that will benefit the current and future generations to come.


    Crypto Mafia:

    Let's go!


    Crypto Mafia was created to promote underrated projects with the whole family.

    In Crypto Mafia you don't have to pay for anything. The only investment is your time.

    With #THP, we are taking over social media together, promoting safe projects in unsafe times.

    Therefore, you can rely on Crypto Mafia, but Crypto Mafia must rely on you.







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