⚡️ The Cryp-Spider AI bot was created for anyone who is actively interested in passive earnings in the cryptocurrency market.

⚡️ Whether you’re a beginner or already have experience in successfully investing in cryptocurrencies, Cryp-Spider AI is for you.

⚡️ Cryp-Spider AI has been working for more than 20 months without issues or drawdowns. It has remained operational even despite the global correction in 2018. And it brings about 30-50% monthly.

✅ 100% proof of Cryp-Spider AI work: 





⚡️ Compared to other bots, Cryp-Spider AI is one-of-a-kind. Developed by professionals with 6 years of experience directly in the crypto market, it has no analogues among competitors.

⚡️ You can connect to the Cryp-Spider AI bot only after registering on the developers’ official website using the affiliate code. The bot is not used by third parties and is not resold.



👍 Let’s see who definitely should buy X-Packs, whom our new product is suitable for:

1️⃣ People who have spare capital of at least $50. Yes, you can start with that minimum amount.

2️⃣ The product is suitable for you if you understand what a reliable source of passive income is. You must clearly understand all the advantages of BITLES and how we compare favorably with all the competitors.

3️⃣ The product is suitable for people who want to invest no more than 300 BTC. Yes, you cannot invest more than 300 BTC in X-Packs. If you want to invest more, we should discuss an individual contract with you in person.

4️⃣ This product suits you if you understand that with any active X-Pack, you receive Direct and Binary Bonuses from every sale in your downline, whether it is a sale of any X-Pack, or Savings Plan from LIMITED to MAXIMAL, or even BTL Staking.

5️⃣ If you are ready to earn high passive income and become a financially successful person, the product definitely suits you.














Special feature:











⚡️ X-Packs is our new, completely unique product, the idea we have been hatching for several months.

The main point is that this product is suitable for everyone, without exception.

⚡️ Imagine that our platform has partners with hundreds or even thousands of people on a team.

⚡️ Now imagine that the pace of your work was previously only 20% of the maximum. You were missing something essential to reach your full potential.

🚀 And now you have a magic button in your hands, which you just need to press, and your business will take off like a rocket.

🚀 Yes, with our new product, you get a turnkey business, where you just need to purchase a pack and give a recommendation to your entire team.

🚀 Your business is 99% ready, you have already assembled a team, you have a ready-made business mechanism you just need to launch.










There is no need for any identification to work with BITLES👊💥

⭐️ We take user privacy very seriously.

⭐️ We strive to make BITLES a fully decentralized platform.

⭐️ We believe that full decentralization is the main advantage of the blockchain.                      Therefore, we are against any identification for our users.