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Comprehensive Trading Course:


 Over 6 Hour Extensive Training

 Basic : Intro to Trading & it’s Variables
 Intermediate : Knowledge of Indicator
 Advance : Powerful & Secret Strategies
 Psychology of a Pro Trader
 Step-by-Step guide to your trading success

Value = $1,000,-


Monthly Webinars   [Bonus #1]

 Exclusively for Students
 Up-to-date Tactics & Strategies
 See LIVE how Professional Traders trade
Value = $500,-



Traders Community      [Bonus #2]

 Get associated with like minded Traders
 Make learning easy with your peers
 Ideas sharing over signals
 Learn Together, Earn Together, Win Together

Value = $400,-



Money Back Program       [Bonus #3] 

 Our first priority is to recover your fees
 Daily Forex signals by Sid
 Lifetime Handholding  
Value = $500,-


Total Value with Bonuses :


$ 2400,-



But you won’t pay anywhere near 


for a

“Trading & Mentorship Program”

You won’t even pay a tenth of that.

For a very limited time, you can get Comprehensive

Trading Course PLUS the 4 bonuses for…

Only:   $149,-


My intention is NOT to break your bank, rather I want to help you learn this High Rewarding skill.

I want you to become a profitable trader and give a Financially Free life to your families.

I’d been where you are right now, looking to escape job, looking to learn a skill to earn from home, to escape the rat race, to fulfill dreams of self and loved ones.

That’s why I have come up with this Trading & Mentorship Program at a very very AFFORDABLE price.





Check out our questions and answer section below:


Q: How can I access the course after payment?

A: You will be having your own login credentials which you need to use to login to your dashboard.


Q: Recommended Forex & Binary Brokers?

A: Forex – IC Market with Raw Spread Account

Binary – RaceOption


Q: I’m a newbie, is this program good for me?

A: big YES! This program is designed in such a way that it will help newbie to learn all the way from Basics to Advance. Also it’s useful for expert traders to learn some powerful strategies.


Q: Can I learn trading alone (without this program)?

A: In internet era you can learn anything for free. BUT I can assure you it will take you years to figure out proven strategies. Not to mention the losses you will face during learning.

By learning from this program you will learn PROVEN strategies instantly. Time is money!


Q: How will I access Money Rain Indicator?

A: We have a separate module on how to access the course.


Q: Can I get the indicator separately?

A: I intentionally don’t sell it separately because it is like a powerful bomb and my course is like a manual of it. Indicator backed by the knowledge of course makes decision 10x wiser. You will be more confident when you take any trade.


Q: How much money do I need to start trading?

A: Do not be in a hurry. In our experience, it’s in our member’s best interest to BEGIN paper trading to practice what you are learning as you complete the course. Mistakes will be made along the way and its best to make these mistakes with paper trading but gain REAL experience!



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