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SET Metaverse & NFT Dapp Preview


We are excited to share with you the first preview screenshots of our upcoming NFT dapp, which will be centered around space exploration and territorial claims!


As our early citizens know that the Metaverse concept game built on blockchain technology (GameFi) is what Second Earth has been working on since early 2020.


Since the limitations of functions in Ethereum chain (high GAS fee, low TPS) has prevented the team from developing the game on ETH, we decided to develop our own chain, SET public chain with higher performance and most importantly catering to the needs of our own SET community (similar to the purpose of Ronin chain created by Axie Infinity).


During the process of refining the SET tesnet,  the team still doesn't slow down developing GameFi on SET.


So that as soon as the public chain is launched, the land NFT game can be built onto SET public chain."

Play to earn is a new concept which has been successfully applied to create strong incentives for people joining the metaverse.


The SET public chain will be specialized on such metaverse applications including gaming, entertainment and DeFi.

The game will start as simple 2D application but will be progressively updated to contain more and more AR/VR elements in future.





"Please note that the pictures are only for reference, SET original content is being designed and will be added later on. SET NFTs will be unique and tradeable"