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Designed with safety in mind


Quantum Blockchain:

Most of the existing digital infrastructures and blockchain platforms that we know today use elliptic-curve approach (ECC) to the public-key cryptography that serves as the backbone for the security protocols and is a subject to the quantum computing threat, lately also referred to as quantum dominance.









Difference From Competitors:

Quantum technology ecosystem consists of three main components: Blockchain, QTM digital token and consensus mechanism. Quantum is among first blockchain platforms that offer quantum-resistant signatures both in its consensus mechanics and tokens structure.

Unlike most of the other existing blockchain platforms that use encryption method, known as extended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS). Proactive position on maintaining the highest level of security is among QHF team’s fundamental principles, and as evidenced by the non-standard decision to conduct two independent digital security audits. A globally integrated network of nodes around the world will ensure the efficiency of transactions within the network, paired up with the consensus mechanism of the Quantum Blockchain platform it will allow achieving the transactions volume enough maintain the Quantum payment platform at a competitive level. The partial confirmation approach will allow transactions to reach their destination without requiring all nodes in the network to sign it. The random combination generator and transparent network management will provide intelligent group block planning independent of inefficient algorithms.





Quantum Security:

Quantum Blockchain platform is capable of providing the high level of performance for the transactions to be done on a large scale, as well as providing the high-speed transactions processing speed required by the global economy and which has become the norm of today.

Quantum Blockchain platform uses a denominated coin structure and divides payments into separate streams that can segregate with other coins, ensuring high security and confidentiality of the entire digital exchange system. The platform uses distinctive cryptography, resistant to the attacks performed even with the use of quantum computing power, thereby avoiding the fundamental security weaknesses of modern cryptographic tools. Also, financial transactions with QTM tokens can be efficiently carried out without metadata leakage.

A detailed description of Quantum Blockchain platform will be published in a technical document to be finalized and released by the Quantum development team in Q4 2020. Mobile application for the iOS and Android platforms will become available in Q4 2020 and will allow the first users to interact with the ecosystem and test the functionality of Quantum Blockchain platform.



The quantum token:

Challenging the performance, security and scalability issues of the current generation of blockchain technology.

Delivering additional income opportunities for the Quantum blockchain participants.


  • 20% QTM Quantum Technologies Holding (Lock-up period - 3 years);

  • 8% QTM New account registration AirDrop;

  • 32% QTM Agency Program career & Investment contract activation bonus;

  • 40% QTM “BUY & SELL QTM” Rounds 

Results of trading in June 2019 :


QTM (Stage 1) - Q1 2020

Primary Distribution

  1. New account registration AirDrop bonus of 100 QTM (Lock-up period is set until the token is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges);

  2. Investment contract activation QTM bonus. Tokens received as the investment contract activation bonus are eligible to be sold back to the Fund (Fund’s token buyback price is set at QTM = 0.1 USDT) Number of tokens accrued to the investor is based on the investment contract duration.

  3. QTM distribution among the Fund’s active agents in accordance with QHF Agency Program terms & conditions.


QTM (Stage 2) - Q3 2020

“BUY & SELL QTM” Rounds

  1. QTM distribution among the Fund’s active agents in accordance with QHF Agency Program terms.

  2. QTM bonuses credited for the Investment contract activation become unavailable from the moment QTM token implementation goes into the second stage.

  3. QHF will conduct 20 “BUY & SELL QTM” rounds.



QTM (Stage 3) - Q4 2020

QTM Token listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Official Quantum Blockchain platform launch.

  • QTM Token listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges (Listing applications to be issued during Q4 2020: Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx, KuCoin, CEX)

  • Lock-up removal for all the QTM tokens distributed among investors and agents.

Application of the latest technological trends to maximize the efficiency of our asset management solutions, a strong proactive position with regard to our security protocols and risk-management policies, as well as maintaining stable performance, high results and maximum transparency with our clients remain within the scope of our core priorities for the further successful growth of Quantum community!