What is "Million-Money" ?

It's a revolutionary unique dApp

(Decentralized Application)  system that is deployed to the Ethereum blockchain network,

using a smart contract.






- It can NOT be deleted or changed.
- It’s impossible to hack it.
- It will always be there for as long as the blockchain itself exists.
- The code is open source,

It has it's task is to redirect members transactions from wallet to wallet,
and from the activation it will double everybody their first deposit/payment once a 100 days!
It does NOT keep the funds of the participants on the site.
It has the ability to repeat the profit cycle every 100 days, nice ain't it?
- A wallet needed is a ECR-20 Ethereum compatible wallet.
that has a decentralized app browser (dApp) build in.
(smart browsers)

Example of such an wallet is "Trust-wallet" :

Now let's get started !  


Step 1 : Download the "Trust-Wallet" app from your Google play-store   

After you have downloaded the "Trust-Wallet" app and have installed this app, open it.  


Step 2 :  - Click on "CREATE ACCOUNT"
- Save the 12 digits words preferably by writing them down on paper or book and/or also copy and send to your personal email or notepad.

!!! If you lose those 12 words, you may not be able to access your wallet if you want to use another phone or if you format your phone, NOBODY CAN !!!

- The system will ask you verify those 12 words accordingly to the sequence of this words whilst being given.
- Verify the 12 words and then click on "create"


Step 3.1 : Fund your "Trust-Wallet":

- Once you open your "Trust-Wallet" click on Ethereum  and copy your wallet address.




Step 3.2




Step 3.3: 

- Fund  Ethereum to your wallet according to the level you want to activate. 

( LVL 1=0.03 LVL 2=0.06 etc. )

- It is best to fund your wallet with 0.035 or 0.04 Ethereum  because of 'gas-fee' 
- Send this amount to the Ethereum address you just copied from another wallet like Coinbase or Binance.


Step 4:  How to register for a "Million-Money" account:

-Click on "dApps" at the bottom (four little squares) just after opening your "Trust-Wallet".





Copy this link >>>      https://lk.million.money/a/103118   



STEP 4.1: Once you have copied the link above and have pasted it in the address bar at top of the dApp browser:

- Click on 'Done' or 'Enter'  the link will open and a page opens up,

STEP 4.1:  Change language to "ENGLISH" or other if wanted in the upper right corner



- Click on "register"  
- It will take you automatically now to your "Million Money" account,

and you will be asked for a one time payment  (LVL-1)  to activate your account.




- Click on "approve" for doing the one time payment of 0.03 ETH~ $ 5,-


You always can buy yourself a higher level if desired, 

so the amount of Ethereum that used is getting doubled every 100 days.  

Use the same procedure from above and refer as many of your family, friends and more you love.
And again this system can NOT be hacked, there is no admin that have info, control.


MOST IMPORTANT, the funds people pay to start are NOT being kept.
You ARE part in a system that cannot be changed or altered it is NOT a scam.
You will only make your Ethereum getting automatically returned double every 100 days in your "Trust-Wallet" !